America's Next Top Model Confessions
Welcome! This is a blog where you can send us all your confessions and opinions of the show, judges, models, etc. DISCLAIMER: None of these confessions are mine unless stated. These are not my personal opinions, but the ones of those who have sent them in.
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Someone submitted this to me: 

Can you please put the “comments” in the comments field and not on the actual pictures? Thanks!

Okay, they’re not “comments”, they’re confessions. This is a CONFESSIONS blog, and this is how the majority of them are run. People submit their confessions, and i edit the confessions onto the pictures. Go to any other confessions blog and you’ll see they do the same thing. If you just want the top model pictures without the confessions, i suggest you follow fckyeahantm, antmphotoshoots, topmodelcentral, or others like those. Don’t tell me how to run my CONFESSIONS blog. 

Hey there, danyford!

Guess what?